About Impact Golf Center Utah

Impact Golf Center is a full service golf learning and game improvement center. Our goal is to “IMPACT” your game in a positive way. This includes from an instructional capacity all the way through to providing you with the best golf equipment for your game. At Impact Golf Center you will be able to not just practice but effectively practice. From golf instruction, physical fitness, mental game seminars to custom golf clubs and putter. We will provide the best technology in the industry to help you improve and therefore “IMPACT” your game. We also have a high end pro shop carrying only the best products the industry has to offer. Simulators for practice as well as entertainment and league play. Exclusive member only discounts and special golf vacation packages that you can only get through Impact Golf Center.

Our mission at Impact Golf Center is to IMPACT all aspects of your golf game in a positive way; therefore providing the improvements necessary to make the game more enjoyable bringing a positive IMPACT to your life.”

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